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History of ESAT

Since its foundation in 2003, ESAT University has reshaped and redefined the boundaries of intellectual and creative thinking as a preeminent academic institution.

Our rigorous and multidimensional approach to education breaks down the barriers between disciplines and contributes to the development of progressive minds

In our university, students have the necessary academic freedom to shape their unique and individual paths in a complex and rapidly changing world.


ESAT trains multidisciplinary engineers capable, in the long term, of leading complex projects in various fields, including Aeronautics, Geomatics and Topography, Information Technology, and Telecommunications, within an international context.

The curriculum is based on a strong practical education and a recognized and constantly updated program. Practical training is acquired in laboratories, through simulators, and during internships with companies. This allows the young student to enhance their academic education with professional experience.


The accreditation of programs has become a necessity for the sustainability of any higher education institution.

It ensures the quality of education in relation to international standards. It allows graduates from an accredited higher education institution to automatically have their degrees recognized worldwide, especially when the certifying body is of undisputed renown.


      Eur-Ace Label / ASIIN Accreditation;
      ERASMUS+ Scholarships
      PFA & PFE Placement Assistance

Dear passengers,
As the Captain of this journey, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you. Thank you for choosing ESAT University for your educational voyage.
Throughout this journey, we will be by your side, ensuring that you reach your destination in a serene atmosphere, filled with trust and friendliness.
On board ESAT University, you will find all the elements necessary for the success of your journey: a warm welcome, precise guidance, attentive mentoring, and careful monitoring.
In our menu, a variety of choices are available to you to satisfy all preferences:
- An environment conducive to learning, closely linked to the surrounding business world.
- Qualified staff and affordable tuition fees.
- Rates well below those practiced in Europe and elsewhere. The result of our internationally recognized education is now exported to every corner of the globe.
I wish you a pleasant journey on board our institution.