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Preparatory cycle

The integrated preparatory program remains a preferred pathway to access top engineering schools in Tunisia or abroad.

It allows you to acquire, in two years, the necessary foundations to pursue more in-depth and applied studies as part of an engineering degree.

General Presentation

The new curriculum at ESAT begins with two years for the preparatory cycle. This is a multidisciplinary education focused on mathematics, physical sciences, and an introduction to the specialization.

The purpose of the first year is to provide students with a basic foundation to continue their studies in the second year, which is focused on mathematics (the dominant subject).

The overall objectives pursued are the mastery of fundamental disciplines in Mathematics and Physical Sciences, the acquisition of work methods, training in both personal and group work, as well as the development of human skills and oral and written expression, both in French and foreign languages (English is a mandatory language).

In addition to this, there is an initiation to the knowledge of the engineering profession.


The programs are established at the institution level in consultation with all university professors and professionals at the University.

The Mathematics and Physics program aligns with the preparatory cycle programs of engineering schools.

In one year, the courses are distributed over 28 weeks, with 14 weeks per semester. In the first year, students receive instruction in three subject groups.

  • Basic scientific subjects (Mathematics, Physics)
  • Specialty subjects (Aerodynamics, materials, legislation, navigation, etc.),
  • Languages (Aeronautical English, French Expression Techniques).

In the second year, the scientific education begins to specialize. Specialized instruction and language instruction continue.

Admission requirements

To be admitted to the preparatory cycle, you must hold the minimum required diploma for the level of education you are aiming for.

  • Access to the first preparatory year : To be admitted to the preparatory first year, you must hold a baccalaureate in experimental sciences, mathematics, or a relevant diploma recognized as equivalent for foreign students. Additionally, you must successfully pass the admission interview.
  • Access to the second preparatory year : Having successfully completed an integrated preparatory or preparatory first year for the Entrance Examination for Engineering Schools.

In the second year, scientific education begins to specialize. Specialized and language instruction continues.

Duration of Studies

The studies leading to the end of the preparatory cycle are organized over 2 years now consisting of four semesters of instruction.

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